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PLE - Pressurized Liquid Extraction

SPE - Solid Phase Extraction


TRP - Total Rapid Preparation

EPH Fractionation

TurboTrace ABN Solid Phase Extraction

Guest Speaker Videos

Dioxin Conference, 2010, FMS/Thermo Seminar, San Antonio, TX 

Total Solution for Rapid Sample Preparation 
Jeff Focant, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Liege, Belgium

Using Dual Data Acquisition to Reduce the Analysis time for PCDDs and PCDFs
Charles Sueper, Technical Director, Pace Analytical Services, Minneapolis, MN

The Total Solution for Rapid Sample Preparation and Analysis: Food, Human Blood, and Milk Samples
Donald G. Patterson Jr., Exponent, Jasper, GA

Cost Effective Improvements in Dioxin Analysis from a Specialized to a Routine Approach
Wim Traag, Senior Scientist, Rikilt Institute of Food Safety, Netherlands


Rapid Sample Preparation Conference, UK, 2008

Performance of Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) and Automated Cleanup (PowerPrep) for PBDD/F and Emerging POP Analysis in Soil
Bert van Bevel, Ph.D, Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Comparison of Manual and Automated Serum Analysis and Overview of Rapid Sample Preparation

Donald G. Patterson Jr., Exponent, Jasper, GA
Multi Residue Extraction and Cleanup of Pesticides and POPs in Dried Botanicals using Pressurized Liquid Extraction
Douglas Hayward, Research Chemist, US FDA
Analysis of PBDEs in Breast Milk Using an FMS PowerPrep System for Automated Cleanup
Janice Huwe, Research Chemist, USDA
Automation in Dioxin Analysis
Wim Traag, Senior Scientist, Rikilt University