An overview of the Total Rapid Prep system

FMS introduces the first and only "Total Solution" Sample Prep system available that combines three sample prep processes into one economical package. The TRP Total-Rapid-Prep system performs the extraction, sample clean-up and concentration for six samples simultaneously in less than a few hours, producing the highest recoveries and best results for all target analytes. A Windows based system that is easy to use, controls the system and is fully programmable. With the TRP system you have the option to run a single sample prep process such as extraction, sample clean-up or concentration. You may also run a variety of processes including extraction, cleanup and evaporation in a single step. The TRP system increases sample throughput while reducing errors and poor recoveries. It also provides a cleaner background and eliminates cross contamination due to its advanced closed loop system design. The TRP system uses FMS’s high quality and inexpensive Teflon based pre-packed disposable columns which guarantee high recoveries and eliminate glassware clean-up. Applications include dioxins, PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs and pesticides.

Three systems in one economical package
The TRP Total-Rapid-Prep system combines three systems into one economical package and performs the entire extraction, clean-up and concentration steps for six samples in less than a few hours producing high recoveries and excellent precision for all analytes.

PLE™ - Pressurized Liquid Extraction Module

Power-Prep™ – Multi-column Sample Cleanup Module

SuperVap™ Evaporation & Solvent Exchange Module


The Total Rapid Prep™ system

The Total-Rapid-Prep™ system performs complete sample preparation for six GC or GC/MS samples for analysis in a few hours. Solid or semi-solid sample is mixed with drying agent and placed in the extraction cells. The extraction cells are then filled with the solvent(s) of choice. They are pressurized & heated. While the samples are being extracted, the cleanup columns are conditioned. As soon as the extraction cycle is terminated, the extraction columns are depressurized, and flushed with solvent, and then purged with nitrogen. At the moment of the extraction columns depressurization the concentration cycle is started. Solvent exchange (if necessary) is performed for the concentrated sample, and the sample is then transferred to the cleanup columns for purification. As soon as the first fractions start to come off the clean up columns, the concentration cycle starts. The final concentrated fractions are then transferred for GC/MS analysis.

Automated, unattended operation
Just load your samples in the extraction cells, install the extraction cells and cleanup columns on the TRP and press the “RUN” button and the system will perform the entire sample preparation process in virtually one step, automatically and unattended, and deliver the final fractions ready for GC, LC, or GC/LC/MS analysis.

Same day results for multiple samples
Because the Total Rapid Prep system performs extraction, cleanup, and evaporation on one integrated and economical system, it can process up to six samples simultaneously making the same day turnaround of up to 30 samples possible.

Sample preparation for POP analysis made easy
The TRP system uses pre-packed, disposable clean-up columns as well as ready-to-use disposable extraction cell end caps. Because of its integrated design there is no need to transfer samples from one system to another for further processing. This feature allows for “Raw sample in, GC, LC, and GC/LC/MS-ready fraction out”, with minimal need to wash glassware.

Automates EPA SW846 and 40 CFR 136 methods
The Total Rapid Prep system has been approved by the US EPA as an automated alternative to SW-846 and 40 CFR 136 methods for POPs analysis.

Electronic documentation and reporting
The DMS-6000 real-time software plots all the extraction data including six channels of pressure and six channels of temperature plus sample concentration data such as temperature and nitrogen. This allows automatic documentation of the entire sample preparation process. All sample preparation data can be superimposed, reviewed and printed in graphic or tabular format. The DMS-6000 software allows the creation of an automatic data report based on the sample sequence set up. Printed data contains the graph and parameters of the sample preparation.

Reduce solvent and glassware usage
The TRP system utilizes inexpensive pre-packed disposable cleanup columns, filtration cartridges and inexpensive disposable concentration tubes. It can also use disposable extraction cell end caps, greatly reducing the amount of contaminated parts that need to be washed. The efficient manner in which the extraction and cleanup process is performed reduces the volume of solvent used.

Dramatic savings in time and resources
The Total Rapid Prep system increases sample throughput by performing total sample prep in just a few hours per six samples, basically 30-45 minutes per sample, instead of several days. This reduces labor costs.

Low background automated sample prep
TRP Total-Rapid-Prep provides a cleaner background and eliminates cross contamination due to use of pre-packed disposable columns as well as its advanced closed loop system design.

Wide range of inexpensive extraction cell sizes
A wide range of inexpensive stainless steel extraction cell sizes are available for the Total-Prep™. Currently available sizes include 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL, 40 mL, 70 mL, and 100 mL. They are made of either stainless steel 316, or the special acid and alkali resistant alloy stainless steel. With its flexible design and construction the Total Rapid Prep system can accommodate the whole range of extraction cell sizes; from the 5 mL cell all the way to the 100 mL, in the same system.

Wide range of pre-packed disposable clean up columns
A wide variety of pre-packed disposable clean up columns are available. These cleanup columns vary in size and packing material types from standard multi-layered A-B-N silica to the special and custom made. 

Disposable Columns used for Dioxins and PCBs, PBDEs analysis:

  1. Multi-layered A-B-N silica
  2. Alumina
  3. Carbon
  4. High capacity acid silica (optional used for fatty samples, this column removes 3-5 grams fat

Disposable or reusable extraction filtration end caps
The Total Rapid Prep system's extraction cells can be used with either disposable Teflon end caps or stainless steel reusable end caps. In high throughput laboratories where fast sample turn-around time is the goal, the disposable Teflon end caps may be used to save end cap washing and assembly time. The reusable stainless steel end caps may be used when saving time and labor is not the overriding issue.

Modular and expandable
The Total Rapid Prep system's modular design is expandable from one to six sample configurations. The modular and flexible design of the TRP system allows laboratories to acquire a one sample configuration system inexpensively and expand it to 2, 3, 4, 5, or a 6 sample configuration as demand for higher sample throughput grows. The system’s modular design makes expansions extremely easy and fast. Laboratory personnel can easily add the expansion modules on sight by connecting them to the existing system in less than an hour. The modular design of the TRP system makes it easy to expand and maintain.

A tool for method development
The Total Rapid Prep system is the best method development tool for today’s laboratories. It is capable of utilizing a wide range of extraction cell sizes, cleanup columns, and multiple solvent selection valves. Along with the flexible DMS6000 software the TRP system is an extremely capable tool for experimenting with different sample sizes, solvents, flow rates, cleanup packing materials, extraction pressures and temperatures.

PowerPrep Multi-Column Sample Cleanup System 
The PowerPrep Multi-Column Sample Cleanup System is the only automated sample processing system of its kind available today. It is an automated liquid chromatography system that performs simultaneous sample processing unattended. The total sample preparation process; ­sample loading, washing, elution, fraction collection, and concentration is performed automatically.
Pressurized Liquid Extraction or PLE system 
The PLE® system is a high-speed pressurized liquid extraction system designed to perform sample extraction of multiple samples simultaneously. The PLE system delivers high recoveries and excellent precision for all analytes in minutes instead of hours.
SuperVap 6 250 mL Concentrator 
The SuperVap system is an automated, standalone, direct-to-vial concentrator that replaces older techniques such as KD, nitrogen blow down and water baths. By automating what were once manual evaporation and concentration processes, the SuperVap concentration system accelerates your sample throughput, lowers labor costs, and improves the consistency of your results by eliminating the variability inherent in manual sample prep procedures.
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Pressurized Liquid Extraction System

Dimensions: 15” W X 18” D X 35” H

Weight: 140 lbs

Flow Rate: 0 – 35 mL/minute

Electrical Input: 110/220 Volts, 50/60 HZ

Controller: PC based


PowerPrep MultiColumn Cleanup System

Dimensions: 15” W x 18” D x 35” H

Weight: 130 lbs.

Pump: Piston Displacement

Flow rate: 0.2 to 15 mL/minute

Electrical Input: 110/220 Volts, 50/60 HZ

Controller: PC based


SuperVap Concentrator

Dimensions: 13” W x 13” D x 12” H

Weight: 20 lbs.

Gas Requirements: Nitrogen - 20 PSI minimum

Electrical Input: 110/220 Volts, 50/60 HZ

Controller: PC based

Bath: Dry