A high-speed, pressurized liquid extraction system designed to increase lab productivity by delivering high-quality recoveries

February 02, 2012


Extraction and Concentration





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FMS, Inc. introduces a high-speed, pressurized liquid extraction system designed to increase lab productivity by delivering high-quality recoveries and excellent precision for all analytes in minutes instead of hours.

Watertown, MA (January, 2012) – Fluid Management Systems, Inc. (FMS, Inc.) today announced the introduction of  the PLE® System, an automated Pressurized Liquid Extraction system optimized for the rapid extraction of a variety of compounds from environmental, biological and food samples. It is a direct replacement for time consuming sohxlet extractions.  Applications include a full range of EPA methods as well as testing for semi-volatile organic compounds in soils, foods, pharmaceutical and polymeric products.

After loading a solid, semi-solid or liquid sample into the PLE cartridge, all the analyst has to do is press a button to start the entire extraction, sample cleanup, and concentration process which is performed automatically and unattended. Excellent results and high recoveries are delivered in minutes. The optional SuperVap™ System concentrates sample extracts to the desired volume, accelerating the sample preparation process while reducing errors. The PLE system uses a modular design which allows the system to expand to keep pace with increased sample workloads. Up to six programmable stations allow multiple one-step sample extractions, in-cell cleanup with pre-packed end cap columns, and concentrations to be processed simultaneously.

About Fluid Management Systems, Inc.
The world leader in providing automated sample preparation systems for Persistent Organic Pollutant (POPs) analysis, Fluid Management Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supports analytical instruments used by scientists to perform extraction, cleanup, fractionation, and concentration of samples prior to chemical analysis. Our automated systems are designed to replace outdated, labor-intensive techniques that hinder laboratory productivity and improve both sample turn-around time and the quality and consistency of results by eliminating the variability inherent with manual sample preparation methods. All FMS, Inc. consumables are guaranteed and manufactured in Class 10,000 and Class 1,000 cleanroom environments and both our instruments and consumables are proudly made in the USA.


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