• When Consistent, Reproducible, Quality Results are Important

    The Automated Solid Phase Extraction systems for Drinking Water, Waste Water, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage from FMS are the only SPE systems to combine extraction, drying and concentration into one step -- providing a truly automated total sample prep solution for the laboratory.

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  • Lower Your ReExtraction Rate and Increase your Throughput

    The PLE™ system is a high-speed pressurized liquid extraction system designed to perform sample extraction of multiple samples simultaneously.

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  • Protecting the Food Supply with Same Day POPs Analysis

    FMS introduces the first and only "Total Solution" Sample Prep system available that combines three sample prep processes into one economical package..

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  • Automated Sample Prep as a tool to speed up the accreditation process and ensure compliance

    Complete the Accrediation Process in Months instead of Years.

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  • Sample Preparation From Sample to Vial

    Extraction, Cleanup and Concentration Directly to a VialRead More